Comprehensive Lab Testing


Our clinical laboratories provide patients with access to comprehensive laboratory testing services.
These tests allow us to evaluate patients and get immediate results that help define a personalized treatment protocol for the patient.
The specific testing protocol depends on which one the doctor prescribes after consultation.

Several Frequently Asked Questions About Lab Testing

1. Do I need to fast before the test?

Some tests require you to eat and drink several hours before the test. Cholesterol, glucose, and lipid tests are a few examples of such tests.

2. What will happen during the test and how long will it take?

After registration, most tests take only a few minutes. Our healthcare professionals trained in blood collection techniques will take you to a private blood collection area. He or she will also advise you to collect any other samples you need.

3. Where are my samples sent for testing?

We conduct almost all laboratory research in our main modern laboratory. Because we conduct tests on-site, our top doctors will get results quickly.

4. When and how will I receive my test results?

Most test results performed onsite in our laboratory will be available within 24-48 hours. Several tests may take longer. The test results must be obtained from your doctor. Once your tests are available, the doctors at the Peptide Therapy Clinic will be able to explain the results to you, talk to you about any other tests or treatment options that may be required, and answer any questions you may have.

5. What tests are usually required?

There are hundreds of tests that can be performed.
It all depends on your problem and your condition.

6. What is the price of laboratory testing?

The price of these tests depends on your insurance coverage, the number, and the complexity of the tests.

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